The Supernova Tribe are pumped to be launching Too Hot2Handle on the 1st of December in Melbourne where we will be exploring ‘The Purpose Economy – Are Humans To Bad To Be Good’. We were really excited to have a brief chat with our panellist Angus Hervey (one half of The Future Crunch duo) about purpose and the new economy!


Angus, what is the purpose Economy and/or purpose to you?

For me, a lot of what we talk about with the 'purpose' economy also has to do with optimism. It's not enough to do something you're passionate about - you also have to believe that it makes some kind of difference. And unless you feel like it CAN make a difference, then what's the point?

That's why we focus so much on optimism here at Future Crunch. It's such an important piece of the puzzle. And from where we're standing, it certainly seem that a lot of people, especially young people, are rediscovering this. There's a big difference between the way the media portrays Australians, and the daily reality we see when we're out there talking at events and conferences. There are hundreds of thousands of others who, like us, have had enough of hyper-materialism and selfishness, and who think there are new and better ways of doing things. Of course, because we're geeks, we like to concentrate on how science and human ingenuity provide us with many of the tools we need. But that counts for nothing if there's not an organising principle behind it. That's where the optimism comes in.

Remember, nothing about this needs to be naive. We can all understand that people are fallible, self-motivated and often mistaken about their best interests. We can recognize the massive differentials in power and wealth in our society and be clear-headed about the difficulty of opposing those whose prosperity is tied to planetary destruction. We can anticipate setbacks and failures, disappointments and betrayals. We can expect corruption and demand transparency. We can freely admit the profound difficulty of the work yet to be done, even the possibility of total failure.

But we can also believe that our best hope lies in a courageous optimism, an optimism that's willing to confront the politicians and business leaders who tell us the world can’t change. In our experience, if you give people intelligent reasons for believing that better solutions are available, and that a better future can be built, it galvanizes them into real, meaningful action.

MELBOURNE!!! We can’t wait to get our sizzle on with you in December. The conversation will be hot. For more info and to grab your tickets CLICK HERE.


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