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Rebecca Tapp has a clear purpose to Ignite the speaking careers of those extraordinary people changing the world. She is the CEO and Founder of The Supernova Tribe and passionate social entrepreneur. There are not too many people, who understand more about the art of creating a world-changing message. The stories that act as a catalyst for positive social impact. For Rebecca activating purpose is in her DNA, and she would argue that it is also in yours. If we use our unique tools, talents and time, together we can transform the world.
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Supernova Sound is a recording and mix facility in the heart of Sydney's buzzing Kings Cross district. Featuring a powerful Pro Tools HD rig hooked up to a Control24 mix console, as well as vocal or voice over booth, it's the perfect environment for mixing, audio post production, voice over recording, podcasts,audio books & album production.

Some of Australia's most talented musical artists also come in to use the room for making records. Some names Include Wendy Matthews, Ricki Lee, Damien Leith, Erika Heynatz, Adam Brand, Sons Of The East as well as producers Craig Porteils (Cher, Guns N' Roses) and Bryon Jones (Aus Idol).

Ash Maklad is the Founder and Director of Supernova Sound. His passion for music began fifteen years ago playing in bands as a talented guitarist. During this time, Ash gained experience working in sound studios, and over time discovered his real passion was to work behind the scenes. His talent was recognised industry wide.

Ash is also experienced working in advertising, providing sound for thousands of tvc's including movie trailers for Paramount and Universal to commercials for clients such as Natures Way, ScanPan and corporate videos for major banks and telcos.

The ASHMAN!!! So awesome, so fast and he always brings the ‘cool’ element. I have worked with Ash for the past 7 years on tonnes of projects. He delivers on time and perfectly every time. Nothing is a hassle, just a dream to work with. Among Ash’s other talents, he is by far one of the best vocal producers around! Bec Caruana (Platinum Artist Development)

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The Supernova Tribe and Supernova Speakers are a collective of charity leaders, charity ambassadors, founders of social enterprise and purpose driven people who take action to create world change. They are keynote speakers, facilitators and community leaders with messages that are underpinned in creating positive social impact. What makes our tribe truly unique is our intention. Our job as leaders, thought leaders and educators is to inspire corporate organisations, students, entrepreneurs, communities and individuals to use the tools, talents and time they have available to CHANGE THE WORLD, and solve social justice issues against mankind, the animal kingdom and the planet....This is the Supernova kind of world. 


GOOD FOR THE INDIVIDUAL? In the words of The Dalai Lama “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion" Studies around the world conclude that generosity and giving benefit both our physical and mental health. This includes flighting depression, reducing stress and improving our chances of living into old age. 

GOOD FOR BUSINESS? Employee engagement is the most obvious benefits for activating purpose in your people. Contribution to society and 'doing good' increases productivity by up to 30%. Breaking down the silos between corporate organisations and the community enables a creative and collaborative culture, where people are inspired in knowing that going to work, is also an opportunity to change the world. 

GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY? If I put organic eggs in front of you, or cage eggs which would you purchase and eat? I think I know the majority answer! We are now entering a period of great change in the world where we are putting a priority on social impact, family, friends, compassion, care and community. As our values change, we consume more consciously, and as a result we are revolutionising the economy. We are creating a new economy of 'good'.

GOOD FOR OUR COMMUNITIES, COUNTRIES AND THE PLANET? At The Supernova Tribe we imagine a new world. A world where business and government are streamlined to collaborate, create and profit from social impact. We Imagine an economy that values and makes decisions underpinned by doing 'good' in the world. Imagine if we took responsibility for the health and blessings of all lifeforce here on earth. If our social system not only supported, but made manadatory care, compassion, and community. 

We don't have to Imagine any longer. The Future is ours to create.



In August 2016, we will be launching an event series called Too HOT2HANDLE. Profits from all tickets sold will be going directly to a project for a Supernova Tribe affliated charity. Limitless Melbourne will be held in October 2016. Speaker line up to be announced shortly! Watch this space.


The Supernova Speakers are a collective of charity leaders, founders of social enterprise and purpose driven professional speakers who take action to create world change. They are keynote speakers with messages that are underpinned in creating positive social impact, whilst also adding value to corporate training and professional development programs.


Confessions Of A Supernova is a news feed and media channel showcasing written articles and video content by The Supernova Tribe.  Sign up for our latest newsletter or send us a Supernova sized hello.....Contact The Supernova Tribe.

With a heart of gold, Ann Tapp brings a life time of experience in dotting the I's and crossing the T's to ensure all aspects of The Supernova Tribe administration process runs like clock work. Whilst she wont tell you this she is also an angel in disguise, and you will find her running around at any Supernova Event ensuring that the CEO is calm, everyone is smiling and the stars and glitter are always in place! 

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