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Amanda Rosenberg empowers individuals and organisations with the skills to navigate wild human environments.  

Amanda is an expert in the field of workplace relations and her knowledge in this area was invaluable when consulting with us to create human resource strategies to implement sophisticated systems using technology and to implement workplace industrial instruments. Amanda provided great results. I would not hesitate recommending Amanda to any business

Amanda has always displayed a keen curiosity and thirst for knowledge of all types, grounded in a solid understanding that at the core of any negotiation, or complex situation ‘knowledge is power’. With this foundation, and a natural tendency to influence and persuade others to create opportunity, it is no surprise that Amanda graduated from Macquarie University in 2005 with a Bachelor in both science and law.

After leaving university, Amanda commenced her career with what was at the time a boutique legal firm by the name of ‘Employment Innovations’ as an Employment Solicitor. As a member of the founding team at Employment Innovations, Amanda was a key strategic influencer, leading to the success of a disruptive business models that were geared at permanently improving the way many small businesses manage employment.

Most notably Amanda integrated her passion for research and knowledge with her charismatic and people driven personality. This combination of knowledge and genuine care for her clients has enabled her to be the driving force behind the rapid growth of Employment Innovations. This growth has lead to National and International expansion, and Employment Innovations have won key Industry awards and recognition with Amanda in navigation at the helm.

Today, Amanda continues her role as a part of the senior executive team at Employment Innovations. She has during this time navigated the success of clients such as large brand name franchise, Merivale, Retail Food Group, and Mirvac Group just to name a few.

As a speaker Amanda is passionate about empowering business leaders, sales teams, consultants and HR practitioners with the skills to navigate and implement Innovative People Management. This includes having a thorough understanding of the changing nature of recruitment, in addition to looking at how we navigate workplaces of the future, where people management will be moulded by rapidly changing employment values and the onset of technology.

Onstage, Amanda’s presentation style is second to none. She is a compelling speaker, with an innate ability to present very complex information in a manner, which is not only easy for an audience to digest but ultimately interesting and thought provoking.



The nature of employment is changing every single day. Technology is transforming jobs, outsourcing the new black, and the jobs that are still available in this shift will have an amplified focus on humanity in business, rather than technical, technology driven roles.

Add to this a new generation of employee’s known as the Millennials who have dramatically different expectations to that of their parents concerning flexible working hours, locations and employment structures.

In this presentation, Amanda will take audiences on a Journey to unlock social shifts, new markets, the impact of connectivity and technological trends that are influencing the manner in which work. Amanda is in a unique position that as an employment solicitor she also provides unique insights into the impact of legal structures that also influence the future of work.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with the tools to strategically navigate the future of work. , the empowerment of your people now and in the future.

Key Outcomes

  • What are the current challenges faced in employment?
  • How are these trends influencing the future?
  • What changes are we likely to see in employment now and in the future
  • How do we successfully navigate these changes?


The navigation space is a tool that enables business leaders to strategically investigate, translate complex information and use that information to transform the future of a business. When it comes to strategic navigation understanding key navigation nodes in that process, enables a client to make decisions with impact, that inspire people, and achieve the organizational mission with grace and ease. The navigation space is the key to strategic leadership.

In this presentation, Amanda will take audiences through a step by step process to enable them to break down the process required to identify a problem, target research, distill information and use that information to activate strategic results-driven decision making. Amanda also explores key insights into how to perceive and distill information about the environment, circumstances and people.

Audiences will walk way from this presentation with a toolkit to harness knowledge to understand more effectively the problem an organizational mission is trying to solve. They will also gain insights into what Information needs to be distilled to navigate the most effective pathway to find the most impactful and on target solution.

Key Outcomes

  • Strategic leadership skills
  • Enhanced ability to Identify key problems
  • Tools to distill the most useful Information
  • Gain Insights into the nodes of navigation.