Anne marie elias

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Anne-Marie Elias is an Egyptian-born, Italian-Australian whose core focus is to be a catalyst for change to create better outcomes for society’s most vulnerable. Plenty of money is being thrown at the problems, but things aren’t working as they are. Anne-Marie wants to shake-down the system and take a new collective approach to supporting the needy.

Anne-Marie Elias is a one in a million innovator and connector. She dreams the big ideas and then makes them happen. Meeting Anne-Marie has changed my perspective on the possibilities for strengthening our community.
— Tracy Howe, CEO, NCOS

Disruption is in Anne Maries DNA; as a result she has spent three decades working to break down the cycle of social disadvantage. Starting her career as a youth activist, Anne-Marie went on to become a senior policy adviser to several Australian and NSW Cabinet Ministers. During this time she also worked with NGO’S, government and the private sector.

Today Anne-Marie continues to advise government, business and NGOs on leveraging the innovation ecosystem to solve problems. She preaches the gospel of disrupting the status quo and re-purposes methods used in tech, start up, entrepreneurship and design to innovate responses to tipping point problems. Collaboration is her calling card and she brings together cross sector efforts to support social change initiatives. Anne-Marie is on the board of VibeWire, Western Sydney Women and the Autism Advisory and Support Service Board and on the Board of the Settlement Services International Foundation. She is also the co founder of Techfugees.  

As a professional speaker, Anne-Marie’s passion and enthusiasm for collaborative disruption is undeniable. As our culture often views social problems as too difficult, Anne Marie leads the charge, and asks us all to step up, and seek opportunities to be the change. She connects startup, design thinking and tech with government and NGOs to bring about disruptive social innovation.

As a published writer, TEDx speaker she preaches the gospel of change, and collectivism, and provides others the tools to do the same.