A few weeks ago The Supernova Tribe hosted The Limitless Showcase. The event was a huge success, the speakers were incredible, and our sponsors as world changing as our speakers. I am feeling so grateful for the team that made Limitless happen; yet what I find mind blowing is what Limitless represented.

In less than a year, The Supernova Tribe has built quite an extraordinary community. The community is not only there for business. Collectively we are forming a tribe based on 'purpose'. A mission to give back, to be the change and to create social impact through the tools, talents and time that we have available. 

Limitless represented to me the emergence of a fundamental shift in values. Once upon a time business was built purely for profit, however, there is a change occurring and we are realising that it is purpose and profit together that will fundamentally create the social change we all desire. This is the emergence of what Tom Dawkins calls The Purpose Economy. The global shift towards value-based consumerism.

You may be wondering what value based consumerism is all about? (To get the full run down book Tom as a speaker). To give you a basic run down value-based consumerism is making conscious choices about what we buy. As human beings, we are craving change, and as a result, we are supporting companies, brands and personal brands that are playing an active role in that change. This is why social enterprises such as ‘Thankyou’ are gaining momentum, or why most of us will order organics eggs rather cage. Consumer’s care about the world and the time has come where we are choosing conscious brands.

The emergence of the purpose economy poses some big questions for all of us. As a business, brand or personality how are you creating social impact, and furthermore how are you telling that story so that your clients are aware of your purpose? People crave inspiration and they will look to brands that give them a sense of hope in the world. The time has come where it is not just about imagining a better world, but actively creating one, and it is this decision that will set apart the brands that thrive in the future.

In closing, I wanted to share a video of Angelina Jolie receiving The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award At The 2013 Governors Awards. In the video, Angelina shares her thoughts on what it is 'to be of use' in this life. This is a question that every individual, community and business need to ask to change the world, and more significantly to become a part of a new economy built on love, care, and compassion for every living creature in the world.