Without a plan, purpose can be meaningless, and a purpose without meaning quickly loses its way. Karen James Author of On Purpose

A purpose economy sounds fantastic but unless we start to build meaningful measures other than those that hit the bottom line we are heading towards platitudes and more words stuck on walls.

This blog will not be lengthy as the quote says it all. Purpose without meaning is simply another company mission statement. Meaning without purpose is the soft and fluffy stuff the hard heads don’t connect with or worse roll their eyes at. Without a plan you are simply having a conversation or giving your quarterly inspirational speech that lasts for about a day if you are lucky.

Translating intentions into actions takes relentless leadership. Leaders who are prepared to take great personal risk. Leaders who measure themselves against a moral blueprint as well as the purpose they are striving to achieve. Leaders who focus on outcomes - parking ego and power at the door. Leaders who stand by and stand with people but also know what they won’t stand for. Leaders who know the standard they walk by is most certainly the standard they accept.

The purpose economy only works when we all see ourselves as the leaders of our own lives. Who are prepared to be relentless, restless and ready. The world needs a purpose economy, as without one I fear we are heading into a storm that we have never experienced before – yes a time like no other.

Rebecca Tapppurpose