Project Futures Blacktie Ball
to Nov 21

Project Futures Blacktie Ball

Please join us for the PROJECT FUTURES 2016 Black Tie Ball!

Now in it's third year, this sell-out event raises funds to help transform and restore lives affected by, or at risk of, human trafficking and slavery.

Event details:
- 7pm-Midnight on Saturday 3rd September
- Dockside Pavilion, Darling Harbour
- Ticket includes a 3 course dinner, drinks & entertainment

Take advantage of our earlybird rate until Wednesday August 3rd!

Tickets available at

This event is proudly brought to you by Dockside Group.

PROJECT FUTURES is an Australian-based not-for-profit working to end human trafficking and slavery. We empower individuals to take action in their own communities, using their skills and connections to make a difference.

Funds raised support victims and survivors in three key areas:
- Prevention
- Support services
- Empowerment

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Too Hot To Handle
to Sep 20

Too Hot To Handle


Hello Hotties,

Gender Equality. Is It time the ladies stepped up?

Yes it Is…. because of The Supernova Tribe and Project Gen Z Dare To Dream Campaign!

The facts when it comes to Gender Equity…

Gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man.

Many countries worldwide, including Australia, have made significant progress towards gender equality in recent decades. However, women continue to earn less than men, are less likely to advance their careers as far as men, and are more likely to spend their final years in poverty.

The Hot Question…Are these issues all about Men or is it time for women to consider the following?

- Do women ask for the same pay as Men?
- Will women apply for leadership roles?
- Do women like being victims of a system rather than asking for what they deserve?
- How personally responsible are females for Gender Equality in this country?


We’ve all been there. The family dinner, the BBQ with friends, the post work beverage with colleagues, conversation is flowing, and then someone does it. They go and bring up one of “those” topics that divides everyone. No longer just restricted to politics & religion, child trafficking, gender equality, international conflict, welfare, technology, animal rights - all just scratch the surface of issues that most of the people we know are more educated and opinionated on than ever before.

Too Hot2Handle takes these topics, the ones that most don’t want to touch, gathers a tribe of people who know stuff and tackles them head on with the sole intention of raising awareness, education and funds for the solving of some of society’s biggest and most controversial problems through the charities represented by and affiliated with The Supernova Tribe.

Debaters and experts include Supernova Tribe members, entrepreneurs, academics, comedians and sometimes even inspired individuals from the general public, all hand selected to best serve the topic.

But wait, it gets better - each debate will have a nominated Charity beneficiary to help support the issues of social injustice our debaters are covering. This isn’t about making money – it’s about educating and inspiring a groundswell of change.

Our panellists are purpose driven, and business minded change makers determined to see the Purpose Economy BOOM. Why...because we are brave enough to break the stigmas, smash the glass ceilings and ask the hard questions.

Too Hot2Handle is proudly presented by the events company setting an example, Events By Example. The World Bar is for world change and is the official venue for Too Hot2Handle. Venture out the back into the Bloodmoon Theatre to graze on delicious food, have a drink whilst sharing a conversation and be ready to hear from a panel of passionate people discussing

Gender Equality. Is It time the ladies stepped up?

The Supernova Tribe and Too Hot2Handle support speaker diversity. We will not place our speakers on panels that we directly manage that consists solely of men. There you go...we said it. Because we are #toohot2handle. Let's start a trend Supernovas and to all of the speakers out there who agree ….#bethechange. It starts right here. CLICK HERE  to show your support!

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