About Liz


As one of Australia's most prominent female entrepreneurs, it is easy to see why Liz Volpe is an unstoppable force not only in business but also in the 'world change' arena. As a serial entrepreneur and charity founder, Liz walks her talk. She has the unique ability to break down extraordinary visions, into tangible actions that inspire others to step into the realization of their dreams.

Taking a company from nothing to over 80 staff in under 5 years is a testament not only to Liz’s ability to build businesses, but also to build leaders.Liz is a world-class entrepreneur, who has a unique ability to articulate her strategies with clarity and impact. She is a leading business women and a role model to entrepreneurs Australia wide. If you have the opportunity to see Liz, capitalise on it.
— Jack Delosa, Gen Y Entrepreneur and Investor

Entrepreneurial thinking is in Liz's DNA, and in 2001 she put this natural alibilty to the test when she moved to Australia as a backpacker. At the time, she worked in commision only sales jobs, before launching her own business in 2006, Zest Possibilities. Today Zest is a market leader in outsourced promotions, sales and marketing campaigns.

While Liz, has always had the gift of the gab in business, Zest also provided her with a unique opportunity to activate purpose and to transition into the role of social entrepreneur. Alongside the Zest team, Liz has collectively raised $138 million for Australian and International charities.

Despite huge success at the helm of Zest, Liz was looking to move beyond the world of business development, instead seeking other female leaders who understood the unique journey of the entrepreneur. In 2012, she walked through the doors of destiny finding those like-minded ladies, and co-founding the League of Extraordinary Women.

The League is today, Australia's fastest and largest growing movement of female entrepreneurs and was named as No. 3 in the 'Top 10 organisations encouraging female professionals in Australia' by Business Review Australia. In early 2014, Liz was also named as Number 13 on the Top 50 Australian Female Entrepreneurs under 40 list.

By 2015, Liz had ticked all the boxes defining success, however for a second time her life was about to pivot after a life-changing trip to Cambodia. During this time, Liz visited the Sunrise Children's Village, a home and education centre for abused, vulnerable and orphaned children in Cambodia. After spending time with the children at Sunrise, Liz felt that it would be impossible to return to her busy life without doing something, but was unsure of what to do until looking in the mirror and asking "What do I do well?" the answer....Inspire great entrepreneurs.

As a result Project Gen Z was born. The project is aimed at inspiring disadvantaged orphans and children to dream! By running a series of workshops Liz and the team hope to educate, inspire and motivate these children to follow their dreams and maybe even move into Entrepreneurship.

As a speaker, Liz delivers a high-energy presentation, that is content rich, yet full of passion and a sense of fun. Just like any entrepreneur she is not afraid to take risks ensuring the audience leave the room with valuable learning tools designed to inspire and motivate the extraordinary.



People are fundamentally dreamers, and many of us have extraordinary visions for our lives both professionally and personally. What sorts out the people that make it happen, opposed to those that don’t is the ability to work back and map out the steps to creating the dream. These steps are the paint brushes used to bring to life an extraordinary vision.

In the Art of Being Extraordinary Liz guides the audiences through a step-by-step process that outlines what it really takes to incubate an idea and bring it to life as an entrepreneur or an intrepreneur. Liz also shares tales from her personal journey as an entrepreneur, in addition to sharing stories and lessons from the thousands of other leaders she has mentored, and inspired along the way.

Audiences will walk away from the presentation with a redefined sense of vision and purpose, in addition to the strategic steps it takes to transform an extraordinary vision into reality.

Key Outcomes

  • A solid action plan for incubating new ideas and implementing innovation
  • Inspiration from one of Australia’s most extraordinary female entrepreneurs
  • Insights and Leadership tools aimed at creating the extraordinary
  • An understanding of the human driver known as purpose, and how to harness this
    fundamental power in creating business success


The fundamental mindset of the entrepreneur consists of a desire to problem solve and create. Innovation is at the heart of these founding leaders, and they are driven by a purpose to create positive change in someone else’s organization. What if you could harness the extraordinary ‘modus operandi’ found in entrepreneurs to inspire and engage the people within the four walls of your business. Your employees.

Leading the Extraordinary is full of useful tools to inspire innovation, creativity and brand ownership, in addition to enhancing the performance of your team members. The true nature of being an extraordinary leader is to inspire those around you by creating an Intrapreneurial culture within your organisation.

Audience members will walk away from this presentation, with the tools to lead and create followership through aligning team members with a sense of purpose and ownership within their key job roles. This in turn will lead to more effective problem solving, enhanced innovation and engagement. It is one thing to be extraordinary; however inspiring others to be extraordinary is the essence of success.

Key Outcomes

  • Create an Intrapreneurial Culture
  • Inspire ownership in your people
  • Enhance a teams ability to innovate a problem solve
  • Gain insights into the tools used by Extraordinary leaders.


We all hope to change the world, yet often we don’t take the necessary steps to action that change. As the saying goes, to change the world one must change themselves first. In this topic Liz recounts a very personal and heart felt journey that led her to co-found Project Gen Z and use the resources already available to her to create positive social impact in developing countries by inspiring Gen Z to Dream.

An Extraordinary Dream is a topic that harnesses the power of purpose, to enhance performance and engagement in the people that make your business happen. Within the four walls of an organisation there are people who each have unique tools, talents and time available. If as organisations we are able to harness social awareness and give back in our daily activities, we are also able to create an inspired culture where team members are not only engaged in their work, but also in their contribution to the communities they live in.

Audience members will walk away from this presentation with strategies to implement corporate social responsibility, driven by innovation and using the resources already available. They will also gain insights into the value of a workplace culture that supports the community in addition to looking at strategies to market and promote ethical decisions, and sustainability.

Key Outcomes

  • Activate purpose in your teams
  • Gain insights into collaborating with communities.
  • How can your tools, talents and time change the world?
  • How do you promote yourself as an industry leader ‘famous’ for giving back.


As a co-founder for The League of Extraordinary Women Liz inspires women to achieve their goals, amplify their strengths, and become empowered in believing that they can achieve their dreams.

In this presentation, Liz talks candidly about what female leaders struggle with, in addition to highlighting the attributes of successful women. She provides tools and learning methodologies that enable women to take ownership in leadership, and step into power. Liz has a can do attitude that will support any female leader looking shift from ‘I think I can’ to actually making it happen.

Audiences will also walk away with an understanding of the importance of those who form your tribe, and how women can pro actively support each other and collaborate rather than compete. She also discusses the power of proximity, and what it means to develop empathy and emotional intelligence in business. Both attributes found in strong female leaders.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the roadblocks faced by women in business
  • How do you transition and step into your female power
  • Insights into successful female leadership
  • The importance of tribe


Empowering your sales team with the ability to create gravity around your brand, and in turn, generate leads, and covert sales is a non-negotiable when it comes to running an extraordinary business. How you lead, inspire and influence your sales team is at the heart of sales success.

In this presentation, Liz Volpe will deliver essential tools and techniques she has developed in training and coaching high-performing sales managers for over a decade. This power packed presentation includes insights into the personality attributes of a great sales executive in addition to tips on how to recruit them. Liz provides insights into the differences between talent and attitude, in addition to looking at the power of Influence in relationship building. Liz is an advocate for 'profit for purpose' and teaches methodologies enabling sales leaders to align the individual purpose of the sales executive with the desired outcomes of the organisation. In this process, she also unpacks hot spots for motivation and addresses the fundamental differences between leading a sales team and managing one.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with strategic leadership tools to educate, inspire and activate a purpose driven, and powerful sales team, who act as brand ambassadors and are personally invested in the success and growth of the organisation they represent.

Key Outcomes

  • How do you attract the right sales team.
  • Gain insights into purpose for profit
  • Leadership VS Management in sales.
  • Intrapreneurialism in sales.
  • Learn about motivation hot spots.