Avis Mulhall

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Change your life. Change the world. Life design, wellbeing & self development for people who care. 

Avis is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing is impossible for this very inspiring and determined lady, and you have never met anyone else who can so fearlessly invent the future. Avis has remarkable talents for bringing large groups of passionate people together around real-world problems, and then activating individuals to take action and drive the vision forward. I have no doubt she will have a lasting impact on the world
— Colette Grgic, Blue Chilli

Avis facilitates change. She is a social, environmental, spiritual and business activist who uses entrepreneurship, innovation, storytelling and design thinking to inspire and empower people and organisations to create meaningful change, in their lives and in the world.

Avis is a serial social entrepreneur and is most well known as the face behind Think Act Change, Sydney's largest change-maker community & event series. She has been involved with numerous social impact projects and was the founding CEO of Australia's first technology incubator aimed at building inclusivity for people living with a disability.   

Named in Sydney Magazines "Top 100 People of Influence", Avis has been dubbed a “super-connector” due to her passion for, and particular talent at connecting change-makers to enable greater impact. Avis has worked with corporates, non-profits, universities, social entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders in her quest to co-create a better future. 

Avis is a firm believer that personal growth and self development are the keys to creating better lives, and a better world.  She lives her life wholly and unapologetically and is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same.