rebecca tapp

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Dream Activation is a process that enables an Individual, business or community to gain clarity of purpose, harness passion and create positive and profitable outcomes for humanity. As the saying goes if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Via stepping into dream activation we are empowered to change the world.

Rebecca inspires the ones that inspire. She is a woman that hears her calling and follows her path, with grace and nobility that is beyond her time. She is here to do her work, transforming the lives of others. I can personally attest to that.
— Yossi Ghinsberg - Author and Keynote Speaker

Rebecca Tapp has always the made the road less travelled a familiar route. After completing a degree in media and communication Rebecca travelled to the UK to become one of the youngest graduates in Energetic Healing at the College of Psychic Studies in South London. Returning home, she completed formal training as a Chakradance teacher and made her first leap into the world of entrepreneurialism running some of the first Chakradance classes in Sydney. Today the Chakra system plays a vital role in Rebecca's mission to empower others to live with passion and on purpose.

Along with pursuing a spiritual path Rebecca has always been a fiercely passionate humanitarian working and raising funds for various not for profit organisations most notably The Ted Noffs Foundation, and more recently Project Futures. Today she is also on the board and an active member of the Project Gen Z Dream Team who are a movement inspiring the next generation to dream big through entrepreneurial thinking in Australia and the developing world.

With more than ten years experience as a talent agent and consultant in the professional speaking Industry, Rebecca is a pioneer in the emerging age of Influence. She has worked alongside some of Australia and the USA's most prominent speaking stars and continues to question the rules and change the game. This became evident In 2015 when Rebecca launched The Supernova Tribe. A new breed of speakers changing the world via the inspiration, activation and education of social impact in corporate organisations.

As a speaker, Rebecca is a breath of fresh air. She is graceful, eloquent and her passion on stage is infectious. She is clearly on a mission, and that mission is to empower others with the tools, talents and time to initiate the transformation required to live their dream life.