About Rhiannon


Rhiannon Tuntevski is what you would consider a textbook Millennial. Entitled. Demanding. Self-focused and altruistic. And these are just some of her favorite things about her generation. Following a journey that saw her find fierce purpose for her own life at an uncharacteristically young age, she's determined to flip the stigma on millennials and shed some light on how they can be some of the biggest superstars of our world.

Meeting Rhiannon a few years ago, I have been able to see her speak at a number of events. These have ranged from small funding events to large corporate functions. Every time Rhiannon speaks it blows me away at her ability to engage audiences and captivate the people in the room.
— Michael Jackson, CEO, Narta International

At the age of 18, Rhiannon found herself sitting at the funeral of a close friend. The second friend she had said goodbye to in the space of a year. A year that saw her also struggling to come to grips with university life and really feeling "well". Sure that this wasn't what being a "grown up" was supposed to be like, she took the advice of her parents and ventured out to 'see the world' and spend a month volunteering at an orphanage in Thailand. An adventure that opened her eyes to the incredible opportunity each and every person on the planet has to make a difference in the world.

Having received the Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership, a nominated attendee at the National Student Leaders Forum and Women in Leadership Symposium, and in her short career already held multiple people management roles, Rhiannon is a passionate and enthusiastic leader, determined to not let her age or the associated stigma attached get in her way. She has an infectious determination to see young people empowered to play to their strengths and to bust some of the myths that so frequently get held over the generation that in a number of years time is going to hold over half of the jobs in the global workforce.

Currently working for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation in Marketing Development (which has a great story in itself) Rhiannon is a highly creative and highly engaging speaker, sure to challenge all of your thoughts on young people. 


Millennials Magic

Within 3 years millennials are going to make up over half of the workforce, and along with them comes a wave of new ideas, fresh enthusiasm, incredible determination and of course new technology. The time has well and truly arrived for businesses and organisations to start understanding and embracing this new generation of leaders and managers. While there are plenty of people out there deciphering the best way to engage with this generation, why not take some insight from the generation themselves?

In this presentation Rhiannon draws on some of the world's best research and stories from her own experiences as a young person in the workforce to shed some light on what drives, motivates and goes through the mind of the generation that is going to catapult our businesses, organisations and world into a whole new era.

Audiences walk away from this presentation with a fresh perspective on not only how to engage with, but how to get the most out of the world-changing young leaders within their organisations.

Key Outcomes

  • Millennial profiling
  • Purpose and Values - insight into key motivators
  • Cross generational engagement, mythbusting for a peaceful workplace
  • Management vs Leadership - the role of authentic leadership