ABOUT Richard

Being attacked by an angry Lion would be considered by many, one of the most traumatic events one could experience. In April of 1999, this is exactly what happened to acclaimed Safari guide Richard Field, whilst he was leading clients through the wilds of northern Botswana.

Richard kept our staff focussed and enthralled for the whole presentation. It aligned perfectly with the goals of our workshop and reinforced the importance of personal responsibility, growth, and change. Our staff was inspired and motivated by the presentation and I know it will stay with everyone for a long time
— EFTPOS Australia

The quick thinking of Richards’s clients miraculously saved his life, but he was left deeply wounded with physical and emotional scarring.

At the time of the attack, it was difficult for Richard to conceive that anything positive could come from the experience. As it turns out this traumatic event was a gift that came in the form of ‘Leadership Lessons from a Lion’.

In the months following the attack Richard experienced a range of emotions including anger about the attack, guilt over his families pain, and grief over a lost future. With so many dark emotions to wade through it is no surprise that blaming an angry lion, seemed like an easier path to take.

A chance meeting a few months later was a catalyst for Richard to shift his mindset from being a victim of circumstance, to taking full responsibility for the choices he made on that fated day. This process enabled him to reflect on his experience of thinking he was going to die, and he realised that in coming close to death, he was able to understand the true nature of purpose.

Today, Richard is living out that purpose by continuing to fulfill his passion as a Safari guide – a career he once thought was over. As a highly in demand speaker, he empowers audiences with the leadership tools that enabled him to transform his life from victim to victor, not of the lion but of life itself.



Every day we make decisions. Some of those decisions are successful, whilst others we may consider a mistake. It is not the decisions themselves that enable us to learn, but our relationship with the outcome that counts.

Owning the Lion is a fascinating presentation that explores our relationship to personal responsibility. It fundamentally questions what drives a human being to blame external influences for a situation such as a Lion attack, or alternatively take responsibility for the outcome.

Audiences will leave with a core understanding of the tools Richard used to awaken his own sense of personal responsibility, and in turn activate his full potential as an inspirational leader to those around him. They will also gain insight into the challenges and roadblocks that can shut down our ability to live a fulfilling and on purpose life.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn about the 5 Keys to unlocking personal responsibility
  • Uncover the gaps that inhibit self-empowerment
  • Understand the power of purpose
  • Gain insights into self-leadership techniques, and how to inspire your teams to do the same


Imagine realising you only have minutes left to live. The clock is ticking and your life is slipping away. Would you be proud of the life that you have created, or would your feel burdened by grief and regret? Welcome to THE GAP. The bridge between a life lived, and an imminent death.

In this session, Richard shares a riveting story about the moment an angry lioness bit down on his neck in the wilds of northern Botswana. It was through this near death experience, Richard was able to put a microscope on his life and gain clarity with regard to his career, relationships, and the nature of living a life with meaning.

Audiences will leave this session with a ‘simulated’ experience of THE GAP where they are able to gain clarity of purpose, in order to make the decisions required to step into their greatest self. They will gain insights into the nature of purpose, and look at strategies to create a future, which they will one day reflect on, without regret.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain clarity of purpose, and harness personal responsibility
  • Gain insight into the roadblocks that inhibit your greatest life
  • Enhance your relationships, by identifying what really matters
  • Feel empowered to make choices that support your purpose


With over 15 years experience guiding safaris Richard Field has gained invaluable insights, into what it takes to lead, and inspire life changing experiences, in one of the worlds wildest environments – The Plains of Africa.

In this session Richard explores leadership tools that have become his ‘guiding lights’ whilst on Safari. Whether you are a safari guide, or the CEO of a bank core leadership values remain the same. A successful leader must find a balance between professionalism and integrity, be consciously aware of their intention and energy, keep people away from harm, all whilst leading passionately from the heart.

Audiences will leave this session with practical tools to build leadership capacity. Through inspiring stories, and learning methodologies, participants will learn the skills required to get the very best out their teams.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the power of conscious leadership
  • Balance authenticity with professionalism
  • Understand that your energy is a choice
  • Gain insights into leading with intention