richie harkham

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Dream DNA is an entrepreneurial code that we all have inside of us enabling us to take actionable steps in making our dreams become a reality. In doing so, we can also solve some of the world’s greatest social problems. It is through our capacity to dream that we can grow as human beings, overcome adversity, and continue to innovate and dare to dream of a better world. 

Your topic on overcoming adversity was so well received and encourages an atmosphere of both learning and reflection
— Linda Joselyn

Sometimes in life, we have a moment where all of time stops and changes the direction of our lives forever.  In 2014 Richie was involved in a near-death accident on his motorbike. This accident left his left leg shattered. Rather than letting this experience define him, Richie harnessed a new dream once again embracing purpose and passion every step of the way. 
Growing up in the Eastern suburbs with a big family of entrepreneurs Richie had always been a hard worker. As early as fifteen Richie launched his first business distributing vending machines in bars and backpacker hostels. During this time he also launched the Emmanuel’s Bookstore in Rose Bay alongside his grandfather and brother. Despite this first entrepreneurial flare, Richie still managed to finish high school successfully and went on to Graduate in the year 2000 from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce. At this time he was also invited to join the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society. 
Post study Richie’s dreamers DNA was set loose for the second time when Richie founded Noah’s City Central Backpackers hostel. As the backpackers flowed in Richie also realised they needed Laundry, and as he couldn’t find a laundromat decided to open one instead. This was another very successful enterprise, and by this point, in time Richie had already crystallised a vision to become a serial entrepreneur with a large mission. Later on, he would also become a shareholder in Noah’s backpacker lodge on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. 

In 2004 Richie sold the backpackers hostel and went about seeking a dream opportunity. In 2005 he bought a property in the Hunter Valley and ‘Harkham Wines’ was born. Harkham Wines has had global success and worldwide critical acclaim. Harkham Wines specialise in Natural preservative free wine and are the only Kosher committed winery in Australasia. Continuing his winning streak in 2009 Richie also co-founded Skinny Blonde Beer. This company was also a huge success and eventually sold to a larger distributor. Again Richie and his co-founders walked away with a profit in hand. 

In 2012, In yet another transformation Richie became a director for the Saikeri Boarding house in Kenya. During this time he also built his first charity project in Kenya. By 2014 inspired by these experiences he again decided to become a socially minded entrepreneur co-founding the ‘Food Good Group’ which was granted full charity status enabling him to build a school in the Dangleigh village. By December 2016, Richie felt the need to combine his passion for both purpose and profit founding Hark Angel. Hark Angel is a not-for-profit that has been created to generate funding for Richie’s mission and next dream which is to build 100 new schools in the developing world. 
As an accomplished actor Richie has spent years mastering stagecraft and as a result, his style and presentation as a performer are second to none. He is charismatic, engaging and passion underpins everything he commits to professionally and personally. Richie’s content is a unique fusion of business know-how, inspiration and real life lessons learnt by a man who through good times and hard times has walked his talk every step of the way. After all living, the dream is his DNA.