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Shivani Gupta has a purpose of activating passion in the people that drive your business, via The Passion Map. Passion Mapping enables participants to navigate the unique value systems that define self-fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness both a work or at home. The activation of passion in our lives is a choice, and a process that can be easily decoded, to radically transform belief systems enhancing performance, staff engagement, and inspired leadership.

We just wanted to say thank you very much for you presentation. You were great and we all could not stop talking about your presentation after the conference.
— Lake Macquarie City Council

Born in India, Shivani was only eleven when she arrived in Australia. Armed with determination Shivani’s early career was on paper an undeniable success, yet on the inside, something was missing. It wasn’t until visiting Nepal in 2001 that Shivani experienced the power of community and unbridled giving when she was invited to share a simple rice meal with a Nepalese family.

This life changing experience activated a sense of fulfilment and peace she had not experienced in her life before that time. For the first time, Shivani held a map in her hand that enabled her to navigate towards a journey of purpose and passion. It was in this moment happiness emerged.

Despite spending the first half of her career in senior management roles working for multinational corporations such as BHP Billiton, time in Nepal had changed Shivani's perspective. Undergoing a ‘life audit,’ Shivani also transitioned from a significant relationship, and gave herself permission to ‘start again’. As a result, Shivani started her company The Passionate People Institute. Today, the business encompasses four areas of service and employs over fifty staff members.

In her speaking career, Shivani has worked with the world’s most recognisable corporations including the Commonwealth Bank, Rio Tinto, Origin Energy and QBE Insurance. She has spoken to over 100,000 people across the globe and is recognised amongst an elite group of only 500 people in the world as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

On stage, she brings a depth of credibility in delivering the science of self- actualisation, the activation of purpose, and the pursuit of passionate living. Apart from the joy of teaching others about the nature of passion, Shivani also innately understands that passionate people are the most influential advocates for any brand.

Shivani has the vision to create one billion ‘passionate people’ engaged in meaningful work that they authentically love. She is dedicated to this vision, empowering audiences around the globe with the tools to step inside, investigate the heart, and in doing so activate a life of pure joy. She is also a passionate philanthropist acting as an ambassador and advocate in Australia for Barefoot College in India, empowering young women with the right to have an education.

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The Passion Map

For many Individuals, we crave fulfilment and happiness in our lives, yet we are unsure of how to access the innate human driver known as passion. As business leaders we want to inspire passionate people, yet have no idea how to align individual passion and purpose with an organisational mission.

The Passion Map is an exciting yet practical keynote that simplifies the process of activating passion in people. In the same way, we use a map to assess information and guide us towards a destination, the passion map provides us with navigation nodes guiding us towards our north star of fulfilment.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation with the tools to harness passion in both their personal and professional lives. If you are a business leader this same methodology will enable you to activate and amplify passion with then intention of creating an on purpose, happy and fulfilled work culture. Passion and purpose are also levers for improved performance, productivity and staff engagement. Passion is after all for profit.

Key Outcomes

  • What is passion?
  • What is your relationship to passion?
  • Gain insights into passion priority
  • Integrate passion professionally to enhance inspired leadership, performance, build teams and culture.

The Leadership Map

So what could love or self-love have to do with leadership? The answer. Everything! We are moving into a time where building competitive and hierarchical structures within a business, will not and does not inspire or amplify our own potential or that of the people we lead. It is through understanding ourselves and others that we can nurture and support the people that support us. This is where the ‘Leadership Map’ plays a significant role.

In this presentation, Shivani will teach audiences about the unique archetypes of leadership, which empower business leaders with critical insights into their personal leadership styles, in particular, how these styles interact and influence the people they are managing. This includes skills enabling the audience to transform leadership gaps, into opportunities for growth.

Audiences will walk away with a deeper understanding of their unique leadership styles, in addition to having a map that they can use to navigate towards their most empowered leadership personality or type. Through understanding ourselves and others more deeply, we also enable humanity in business leading a passionate, high performing culture.

Key Outcomes

  • What are the leadership archetypes?
  • How does your archetype influence your leadership style?
  • Who are your people and which archetype do they align with?
  • How do we harness the leadership map to increase performance, productivity and passion in the workplace.

The Communication Map

Authentic Communication is at the heart of connection, relationship building and teamwork. In addition, to these attributes communication is also the lever enabling persuasion and influence. The communication map takes a compassion driven approach to self-expression, that concentrates on empathy and understanding those we are trying to make a connection with.

In this presentation, Shivani will take audiences through a process that unlocks our key communication archetypes. Within this process, she will explore fundamental values that affect how we communicate, in addition to empowering participants with the tools to amplify what is working, and let go of anything not aligned with our personal or professional mission.

Audiences will walk away with a toolkit that will enable them the transform the manner in which they use communication, in order to develop empathy, compassion, and influence with integrity.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain insights into key communication archetypes
  • How do values influence communication
  • Enhance relationship building and teamwork
  • Create transformation by breaking down communication

The Freedom Map

Born in India, Shivani was only eleven when she arrived in Australia. Armed with determination Shivani’s early career was on paper an undeniable success, yet on the inside, something was missing. This moment lead Shivani to commence a journey to freedom. It was here she unlocked her own personal freedom map.

In this presentation, Shivani will inspire and move audiences sharing her experiences of hardship, overcoming adversity and understanding the power found in self-love. While on the outside Shivani has enjoyed the fruit of a beautiful career, personally this success has been underpinned by a deep spiritual process and care for humanity as seen by her work supporting Bare Foot College in India.

Audiences will walk away from this presentation inspired to activate an on purpose life full of true wealth. The kind of wealth that comes from living in authenticity, self-expression and in touch with the power of humanity.

Key Outcomes

  • What is the nature of purpose
  • Spirituality in the real world
  • Compassion, care and community
  • The nature of freedom